You deserve Better.
Born in the hustle of the Calgary Farmers’ Market, Better is a bold new brand, but we’ve been making juice for a really long time. We’re proud to be a part of Cherry Pit Market, the CFM’s largest vendor, passionately supporting local growers since 1995.
People love our products because they love our produce. When we need apples, we walk ten feet to our fresh market stand and grab some. That’s a supply chain you can taste.

Our juice is Better.
We use a Goodnature X1 Cold-Press – the world’s best juicing technology hands down, designed and built by a 30 year old family company in Buffalo, New York.
Our premium machine extracts an incredible tasting product, crisp as the carrots we put in it. Our produce comes from local growers and carefully selected sunny imports. If it’s not fresh enough to impress in a salad, it doesn’t make it into our juice.
Better days.
Build a Better you. Invest in a one to three day combination and recalibrate your body with the best nature has to offer. Need some advice? Stop by and talk to our Better staff. No one knows our juices like they do. 
Our salads are Better.
Because our farm-fresh produce supply changes weekly, so does our salad menu. Check back as the season changes for feature salads that’ll make your heart sing.
Our smoothie bowls are Better.
Packed with super foods and seasonal fresh fruit, our smoothie bowls are a nutrient-filled and flavourful start to your day.